When you need to move quickly on your real estate transaction, tell your lender or realtor you want Roaring Brook Abstract to handle your transaction.

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Roaring Brook Abstract Company, located in Milford Pennsylvania, is owned and run by Chris Kimler, an attorney and title agent who limits his law practice to real property, probate and trust.

In a market where you can’t wait a week to get a phone call returned and where you don’t want your matter “pushed off” on someone else, Chris and his staff of professionals are available to answer your questions and get your deal closed right away.

Many deals only require a title search, examination and title insurance policy so Roaring Brook Abstract Company is all you need. Other deals really do call for legal advice and representation. That is where Law Offices of Christopher R Kimler, PC, can help you. Roaring Brook Abstract Company works closely with Law Offices of Christopher R Kimler, PC, of which Chris Kimler is a practicing attorney and share holder.

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Whether you are purchasing or selling property make sure you choose Roaring Brook Abstract Company for your next real estate closing.